Brief contemplation

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Once my Precontemplation (denial) ended, I entered a brief (very brief) period of Contemplation.

Contemplation 1 B&W
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It didn’t take me long to know exactly what I wanted to do to bring about change. I knew about Dr. Huizenga’s book from my brushes with Biggest Loser auditioning. One of the things I like best about the Biggest Loser approach is that fat people aren’t treated as incapable or stupid. They are expected to work hard, and the overall attitude is that they can work hard. I ordered Dr. Huizenga’s book a few days after Thanksgiving, and read it through in about a day and a half.

Honestly, the biggest component of my contemplation phase was a self-searching, no-nonsense interview with myself. Could I really do this? What would happen if I tried and failed? What would happen if I did nothing at all? Is this the kind of all-or-nothing thinking that I generally try to avoid? Is fitness really the most important component of weight loss? Why not just make quiet, small-scale changes in hope of results? Am I crazy?

 Question mark
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By the end of this interrogation, I was already beginning to formulate a plan. I could actually visualize myself carving out chunks of time to make this thing happen. I knew it would be hard. But I felt that I could do it.

I spent the entire month of December in the Contemplation and Preparation phases. I do not recommend that anyone embark on this program without adequate Preparation time. For me, it was really the key to success, and it took about 3-4 weeks and a few hundred dollars. Watch for that entry to come soon.

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